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Constitutional Development & Law Reforms


This strategic plan recognises that while credible elections is a necessary element in democratization, a comprehensive approach must take account the challenges in governance, rule of law, engagement of the people, accountability, respect for human rights including socio economic rights. Many countries recognise the interrelation between the deeper governance challenges in developing sustainable democratic societies. However, the steps taken to remedy long history of bad governance and unaccountability have been weak. Deeper governance issues and underlying weaknesses of the society require constitutional reengineering. These must be followed up with painstaking work in developing strong accountable institutions, and continuing genuine public participation and engagement.

An important component under this programmatic pillar is to work with continental and sub regional economic communities to develop and review regional instruments on democratic governance and elections as well as developing compliance tools with key normative framework for elections. The foregoing entail work with the AU, PAP, EAC and other sub regional bodies.

Key programmes under this strategic goal include:

  • Constitutional development and implementation;
  • Judiciary and rule of law;
  • Support to the Judiciary on resolution of   electoral disputes.
  • Support to devolved/decentralised or federal units of governance.
  • Economic governance and Anti-corruption
  • Support to human rights institutions
  • Inclusivity and public participation – establish a pan-African citizens exchange (PACE) through technical assistance to local organisations.
  • Assist African Union in reviewing compliance with the AU regional benchmarks for democratic elections.
  • Support African Union Election Observation Mission, and AU member states to monitor compliance with the legal and constitutional framework governing elections.

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